How Mastering Works

Chances are you know how the audio & track mastering process works. Mastering, which essentially is a form of audio post production, is the process of getting your tracks or audio from it's original recorded source to a final storage medium; from which you will reproduce copies.

Mastering requires a very critical ear and must be done by an appropriately experienced engineer. It requires extremely accurate audio equipment, speakers and tools to ensure that the mastering engineer can apply corrective equalization and dynamic enhancement to improve upon sound translation on any and all playback systems.

Masterfonics in Nashville uses the latest mastering technology. The processing path in both rooms include Weiss 24/96 EQ and Dynamics, EQ and routing from Z-Sys, a SADiE DAW, and additional processing by Sontec, Millennia Media, Manley, Waves, Cranesong, Sony and others.

Archival and restorative mastering is available with the CEDAR hardware and software. Digital conversion and clocking is by Prism, DB Technologies, Benchmark and Antelope. Mastering session digital record/playback options include DVD (all formats), Data Disc / CD-ROM, CD-R, Alesis Masterlink (CD24), Hard-Disc, DAT and a wide variety of other digital formats.

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